Solar Powered Landscape Lighting Is Now A Great Option!

landscape-lighting-st-louisTechnology has reached a point where St. Louis solar landscape lighting now outputs super high superior light. However, there are still plenty of older solar lighting systems on the market which tend to confuse customers because they last only a short time and produce little lighting.

Some of the best solar powered lights measure up to hardwired electric lights, but you can’t skimp and try to save as much money as purchasing a system produced years ago, and you’ll need to do a little research on the topic so you know you’re headed for the right product when it comes time to have your electrician install your solar powered system.

First, you’ll need to know how solar lights work. Simply put, they consist of photovoltaic cells that absorb the sun’s energy during the day and charge batteries within the lighting fixture. This stored energy is then used to produce light in the darkness at nighttime. This simple function means the lighting needs to be placed in the path of eight or more hours of sunlight.

If you don’t have direct sun for that length of time, a Remote Photovoltaic Panel can be installed in the proper area and all of your lighting is wired to the panel. Viola! Remote solar panel that activates all your outdoor solar lights at once!

Today’s technology brings new illumination capabilities to the traditional solar powered flood light. With super-bright LEDs entering the market recently, you can now get lighting that is equivalent to electrical powered light.

While solar path lights will always be manufactured to produce a glow more than a strong illumination, other solar light fixtures and bulbs can produce as much light as you need in the form of spotlights or flood lights.

Some of the brightest solar lights available on today’s market include LED technology and are called task lights or spotlights, which can easily provide 150 watts of light. This covers an area of about 30×30 feet with bright illumination. Many options will give you 10-12 hours of good landscape lighting.

You’ll also have options that include motion sensor technology and Remote Control, and of course can mount them on poles or any other high areas that would give the most illumination to the area you need to light up. The Super Bright SMD LED flood light is a great system for any area you want illuminated well.

Solar powered landscape lighting isn’t always about powerful illumination. Any great landscape will have a combination of lighting receptacles and generators that serve different functions. In one area security may be important, in another safety, and in some places you’ll want to set off a feature that makes the landscape more beautiful.

The great thing about today’s LED technology is the ability to change the color. This technology is normally a part of lower wattage systems because it’s intended to help set a mood or invoke feeling from the colors. For instance, you may want to install an LED light in or near your swimming pool that can run through a programmed choice of light colors. This is great for creating some fun at your backyard parties or get-togethers.

No matter what you want to use solar powered landscape lighting for, you can get it done today. Solar power is increasing in our country, and we’re ready for it here at AnyTime Electric! Our company consists of experts who know everything they need to know to give you a powerful solar powered landscape lighting setup. Just call our number to learn more and we’ll be happy to come out and discuss your options with you!

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